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This flavourful pepper originates from Japan i gets it’s name from the shape of the tip of the pepper, which looks like a lion. These little peppers are a bit of a game to eat. They are flavourful and mild, until they are not. around every 10 or so peppers you will get a HOT one! These are perfect tossed in some olive or sesame oil, a little salt, and then grilled. Great summer BBQ finger food. Alternately, you can also let them turn red and harvest for drying to make a great twist on paprika. The plants are prolific in their production and they go all season long. We recommend staking them for best results.

Days to Maturity: 60 days for green fruit
80 days for red fruit
Seeds Per Pack: 25

**********If seeds are on sale, it is because they are from a previous season**********

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